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Always consult a doctor if you have an existing health condition that could be affected by the activities shown on this web site.   Medical conditions must be disclosed to our instructors before commencement of training.

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Dojo events in October; Sensei Waters Visit - 8th,
Sensei Starks Visits - 3rd, 8th, 17th, 22nd & 31st,
Leisure centre - 17th
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The weapons we use are an integral part of the art we practice and as such they are not taught as an individual form.  These weapons can form part of the student classes but generally they are practiced at black belt level.

The practice is entirely non-competitive and involves the use of both the wooden sword (Bokken) and staff (Jo).

Great emphasis is placed on responsibility and the objective is to develop sensitivity, fluidity and timing to enhance empty hand skills. Here we broaden the student's knowledge of martial arts.

Mostly this work is done in the form of kata but Kumi-tachi and Kumi-jo (with a partner) are practised by the more experienced black belts.

Iaido - This is the fluid art of sword drawing. This discipline is traditional and very precise requiring a very high level of focus. It is again practised entirely as kata (forms) and generally for personal development. Separate classes are held for those wishing to learn this art exclusively.